Flying cars are not the stuff of fiction anymore. In fact, you might be seeing one soon in your city.

 A prototype of a hybrid car-aircraft called AirCar just completed a 35-minute flight rest between international airports in Nitra and Bratislava, Slovakia. The”flying car” run on regular petrol pump fuel and uses a BMW engine.

AirCar’s creator Prof Stefan Klein claims it can fly 1,000 km at a height of 2,500 m. The car has clocked around 40 hours so far in the air. The car transforms into an aircraft just taking around 2 minutes.

During the test flight, Prof Klein drove the car straight off the runway and into the town upon landing. The test flight was covered by an invited group of reporters.

AirCar was able to reach a cruising speed of 170 km per hour and can carry two people with a total weight limit of 200 Kg. It cannot take off and land vertically like other drone-taxi prototypes. It does need a runway to attain flight and land.

Flying cars are very popular in the sense and it has always attributed close to our visions of futuristic modern societies. The industry is predicted to be worth $1.5trillion (£1tn) towards 2040 by Morgan Stanley in 2019.

Flying cars seems to be an ideal solution to negate the strain on existing transport systems.

AirCar is developed by a company called Klein Vision and has taken them two years to develop with an estimated cost of around 2M Euros in investment. Company’s adviser and investor, Anton Zajac feels the market for these cars are there and believes the company would be a success if it can convert 5 percent of existing aircraft purchases.

If indeed AirCar or similar concepts were to make cars that fly while satisfying all the necessary safety and efficiency certifications, the future we have dreamed once will be here already.

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