Canada and Western parts of the US has been seeing extreme heat waves for a few days now. Temperature records are being broken and now a small village in British Columbia, Canada has burned down to the ground.

It was only earlier this week, Lytton had recorded 49.6 degrees Celcius – higher ever in Canada. Lytton Mayor Jan Polderman spoke to BBC that “There won’t be very much left of Lytton”.

The extreme weather phenomenon, which is attributed by most experts to climate change is a terrifying sign of what is in store for us.

Over 100 wildfires are burning in BC this week and 47 of them started in an astonishing 2-day span.

As much of the west coast is experiencing high heat, over 486 deaths have been reported in BC over the last 5 days. In the last week, 65 deaths alone are attributed to the heatwave in Vancouver.

Thankfully the residents of Lytton fleed the place before the fire took over, leaving no one at harm. They took their car keys, pets drove away from their houses.

710,117 bolts of lighting formed over BC and Alberta due to extreme heat, increasing risk in already a fire-prone area.

While we research cannot say how much impact climate change has had on the heatwave, they do believe it the key driver of such drastic weather conditions.

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